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Nox Futura

Not even alpha yet - a base building game with elements of Dwarf Fortress, Roguelikes, Warhammer and more. · By Bracket


Recent updates

Collapsing the world, eating and drinking
Between a very heavy workload, and tax week, I didn't have a lot of time to accomplish anything enjoyable this week. This is definitely the one week of the year...
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It's a machine's world!
I'm getting settled into the new office, and other than the usual "where did we pack the toilet paper?" type questions, it's going pretty well. I've also made s...
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Traps, Machines and Context Menus
My Nox Futura work this week has been relatively scattered; the last couple of updates exposed a *ton* of functionality, so now I'm catching up on bugs and miss...
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Workflow and getting started on stockpiles
In theory, should now point at my page. I hope that works, redirects aren't always my friend. There have been a lot of small change...
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March 9th 2018 Update
Still working on moving office (it'll be a while - we have a *lot* of stuff!), but still finding time to get some things done. I put off a couple of large piece...
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Early March Progress
A relatively brief update this week (by my standards). Received word part-way through the week that I'm moving office (after lightning strikes, unconscious nake...
Path-finding, architecture and more.
The flu sucks, and sadly I succumbed to it right after writing that I'd avoided it in last week's Sharing Saturday. I'm moving around again, but I've temporaril...
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Preliminary Apple Mac support
I'm not 100% sure if it works, but I've made a first stab at posting Mac support. It'll be updated as I test on a few machines and find issues...
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