Alpha 2 - Quality of Life Update

 Alpha 2 is mostly about bug fixes and quality of life:

  • 34 skills that were missing an icon now have one.
  • In RPG camera/3D mode, you won’t be randomly spun around when targeted by baddies.
  • Added a compass to RPG/3D mode, to make navigation easier.
  • Updated to the latest UE4 hotfix release, fixing some performance issues.
  • Shaved off a lot of unused content, significantly shrinking the overall build.
  • Removed “GoodSky” - it looked lovely, but was reducing frame rates too much.
  • Went through every level, fixing slowdowns when I found them.
  • All levels with ceilings now render them, at a height that doesn’t behead monsters.
  • Pit Dragons have shrunk a bit.
  • The tree-top city of Alseray now has trees. That was a surprising omission!
  • The Baron is no longer 30 feet tall.
  • Mobs who cast mending now fix their equipment, not yours.
  • Mobs are less likely to try pickpocket as a primary attack.
  • The game overall is a lot faster.

Happy adventuring!

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Version 19 Jun 05, 2019 580 MB
Version 6 Jun 05, 2019

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