Alpha 4 - New Items & Bugfixes

Alpha 4 of One Knight in the Dungeon is now live, for your enjoyment.

Highlights of this build:

  • There was a major bug in archery code, that made skilled archers far less likely to hit their targets than was intended. This has been resolved.
  • Bow Mastery has also been buffed, applying to both to-hit and damage rolls. Between this and the first fix, Ranger is now a good class to pick.
  • There's a lot of new items, including ones for most of the previously empty slots.
  • A balance pass on equipment has taken place, and it's a much more rounded experience overall.

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Version 21 Jul 10, 2019 580 MB
Version 8 Jul 10, 2019

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I forgot to mention, it also bumped the UE4 version to the latest - fixing some issues with the newest nVidia cards.