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One Knight in the Dungeon

A modern 3D turn-based roguelike/dungeon crawler · By Bracket


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Build 28 - Lots and lots of fixes/improvements
This is nearly the last alpha build! Thanks to lots of people sending me feedback, I feel the game has significantly improved. This build adds on a LOT of impro...
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A tiny update
Build 27 is a tiny update - it corrects a couple of spelling mistakes, and fixes a problem with leaderboard submission if you beat the game!...
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Build 26 - More Quality of Life, Fewer Crashes
Hard at work once again getting all the feedback (THANK YOU!) from Feedback Friday and continuing players incorporated. I'm feeling like there will be another r...
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Build 25 - Post Feedback Friday Fixes Part 1
Last week, over on Reddit's /r/roguelikedev we did Feedback Friday. A lot of issues were revealed! I'm about half-way through implementing improvements, but all...
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Getting ready for release
As we get closer to release, I've updated the website accompanying the game . All the skills, NPCs, and items are detailed there - along with leaderboard stats...
Alpha 5 is live! Mostly quality of life improvements
Alpha 5 of One Knight in the Dungeon is now live! What's new in this build? Fixed a bug that gave terrible performance on the splash/license page at the very b...
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Alpha 4 - New Items & Bugfixes
Alpha 4 of One Knight in the Dungeon is now live, for your enjoyment. Highlights of this build: There was a major bug in archery code, that made skilled archers...
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Alpha 3: Improved ASCII, Mini-Maps and Tooltips
Alpha 3 is now live for your enjoyment! Improvements include: ASCII mode is now data-driven, and there are greatly improved ASCII themes for all levels. Likewis...
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Hi! Thanks for showing interest in One Knight in the Dungeon ! I'm hard-at-work getting it up to Alpha release, and as p...
started by Bracket Feb 05, 2019
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