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One Knight in the Dungeon

A modern 3D turn-based roguelike/dungeon crawler · By Bracket


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Build 17 - A Completeable Game
This is a big update: you can win the game! All the major levels are in place (some still need tweaking), and all the major game systems are running. This will...
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Build 15 - Performance!
This build is all about performance. A massive C++ game refactor has reduced RAM usage (and made it more predictable), as well as eking out a bit of frame-rate...
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Build 14 - Linux Support, RAM reduction and More Branches
The latest build is live! It has a poorly-tested Linux build available (if you test it, please let me know how it goes), work on various branches, and a lot of...
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Pre-Alpha Build 13: More NPC Variety, Ferny Ham Branch, Graphics
This has been a really productive week, and we're definitely racing towards Alpha! There's a full set of screenshots for this build up on Imgur . Lua API (skill...
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Build 11
Build 11 has a lot of enhancements, and is a definite step closer to alpha (I'm still aiming for April 2019, but that might slip). It now uses Unreal Engine...
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Build 11 - New Player Experience, Progression, Balance, Scoring and Leaderboards
This is a pretty large build, with a lot in it! Turn Restructure I noticed that I'd forgotten to sub-sort active entities by Dex (to resolve colliding initiativ...
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Build 10 - Improved graphics, nicer UI, Lua moddable skills
Build 10 is live! This build has a lot of changes that make the game run better, and should put me on a good footing to finishing up the content. Improved Graph...
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Build 9 - Vaults, Better Props, Beginning Balance
Build 9 is now live! It's a somewhat bigger patch than previous pre-alphas, because it has a lot of content ready for build 10. Vaults The map generation system...
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