Build 3 - Stability

Build 3 Changes

Note: I recommend using Itch's app to keep updated. That way, you only have to download a small
delta patch rather than re-downloading the whole thing.

Build 3 is all about stability.


  • No longer play the explosion animation/sound when clicking to move. That was debug code that accidentally went live.
  • Alchemy skills are now underneath an Alchemy skill, with everyone starts.
  • Moving into a tile occupied by a friendly or neutral does not trigger an attack - instead, you trade places.


  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you were playing *really fast*, and the garbage-collector becomes confused. This was found with automated testing, I hadn't managed to trigger it in actual play.
  • Added a critical section to the asset loader; it could under heavy load cause a race condition resulting in a crash. This causes a slight slowdown.
  • Added a critical section to the MapLink and CharacterHolder classes, for similar reasons.
  • Apply latest UE4 hotfix.
  • The rain particle effect is a little smoother (100% GPU).
  • Some RAM allocation tweaks (basically more allocating up-front and fewer temporaries); a long automated testing session never exceeds 3.2 Gb now (typically 2-3).
  • Fix a division by zero error in the HUD.
  • The floating "+1" (or whatever) messages above characters' heads kept causing crashes in automated testing. Temporarily disabled them, and stability improved considerably.
  • Identified and - I believe - fixed a crash in the achievement counter code. It was very rarely triggered.
  • Included debug information, which bloats the build but gives me better crash reporting.

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Version 3 Feb 05, 2019

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