Build 5 - Stable Pre-Alpha!

Build 5 appears to be a good one!

It defaults to a windowed presentation. You can use alt+enter to change to full screen if you wish.


  • All visual effects are now en-queued asynchronously, and applied as part of the regular render thread. This has fixed problems on systems with many cores.
  • There's proper locking on the log system, so log entries appearing on multiple threads won't cause issues.
  • The FString problem from previous builds has been largely eliminated: the logging system, asset loader, and skills system (the most exercised parts of the game) are no longer wasteful with string allocations. RAM usage has remained very stable now through extended play-testing.

There are still plenty of things to fix - but you should be able to test the pre-alpha now.

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Version 5 Feb 07, 2019

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