Build 8 - Skills, Refactoring and Load Reduction

Build 8 has a lot of behind the scenes changes that you won't directly see, so let me know if something has regressed that I missed!


  • Compile times were driving me nuts, so a lot of work went into improving that in this build. You can't really see the results in a packaged build, but it is so much easier to work on the game!
  • The ECS (Entity Component System) that drives the game has been extended, and is now in control of a lot more of the Unreal side of rendering. This simplified a lot of code, and has improved performance a bit. In particular, you can play the game with 600 Mb of RAM now.
  • Some remnants of old code were expunged.

Visual Changes

  • Reduced the amount of fog in Hangman's Wood. It was slowing down some older systems, and looked too "fuzzy".
  • Removed a couple of hairstyles that had holes in them, causing patchy baldness.
  • Props that are out of sight, but have been found, remain rendered on the map. This is a slight slow-down, but reduces jarring "popping" when navigating.


  • Plenty of wildlife is still neutral, but you now attack it when moving onto it rather than trading places (you could attack before with shift-move to force attack, but that was hard to find!). This makes hunting animals for food a lot more practical.
  • Wildlife now has food drops, making it much easier to not starve. Some wildlife drops inedible food. There's a lot more diversity in food drops than is really needed, but I'm hoping to get a cooking system (as part of a larger crafting system) into the game in the future - and this helps along the way.
  • Magical items have a traditional blue background when rendered in backpack/equipment lists.
  • Cursed items have a red background when rendered in backpack/equipment lists IF you know that it is cursed.
  • Cursed items! Some items may be cursed (there's not many, yet), and require a Scroll of Remove Curse to remove once equipped. The first cursed item is Gauntlets of Fumbling.
  • Improved the ID system (unless you turn it off), so that tooltips don't tell you what an item does by mistake.
  • Extended the ID system (again, unless you turn it off) to not identify magical weapons/armor that you find by default. Instead, you see an "Unidentified Khopesh" with a blue background.
  • Added Scroll of Identify. Right now, it identifies everything in your inventory. Identification can be too much of a burden, and this game has a lot of items, so I did that to make things a little more ergonomic.
  • Added a skill, Item Identification. This gives you a passive bonus to a hidden intelligence check when you collect an item that may identify it for you.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing zero as the quantity instead of 1 when you had stackable items and only one of them.


  • Finished implementation of (in the new system) the following skills: Item Identification (passive chance of identifying things when you pick them up), Rainbow Spray, Enlarge, Mending, Random Blink, Haste, Slow, Directed Blink, Web, Clairvoyance, Fireball, Lightning Ball (I feel I was lazy on that one), Rattle Their Noggin, Scramble Their Brain, Crack Their Fingers, Knee Capper, Finesse Disarm, Chill Touch, Vampiric Touch, If I Prick You, Knife to the Ribs, Eye Strike.
  • The AI knows how to use all skills that aren't AoE/targeted now.

Other Stuff

  • Fixed allowing you to cast Faith Armor repeatedly, and stack it for multiple benefits.
  • Removed anonymous statistics collection; nobody was consenting to it anyway, so I may as well save the CPU cycles!
  • Bear traps - added a while ago - now actually spawn in the woods. They are the start of a broader trap system.

Thanks for playing!

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Version 8 Mar 01, 2019

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