Build 10 - Improved graphics, nicer UI, Lua moddable skills

Build 10 is live! This build has a lot of changes that make the game run better, and should put me on a good footing to finishing up the content.

Improved Graphics

The forest in particular looks better, with greatly improved foliage and trees. The HUD has been rearranged to give room for lots of skills, and with some minor performance enhancements. Logging (and more importantly its display) has been sped up by a factor of 100, due to a silly mistake in my old code. Overall, I think you'll find it a much more enjoyable experience.

Optimized Path-finding

The Dijkstra mapping system is now multi-threaded, and will take advantage of how ever many cores you have. This has sped up some of the game by a huge amount, particularly reducing the lag when changing levels.

Lua Driven Skills

For some time, I've avoided putting game logic into Lua. I thought, "well, that'll be too slow". So skills ended up as a ton of  C++ code, with lots of duplication, and it could be quite a task to add new ones. With this build, this has changed - skills are now entirely defined in Lua, with a DSL (Domain Specific Language) to make their implementation easy. Here's an example:

That's pretty self-explanatory. So now you can add/edit skills out of the box, without needing to touch a C++ compiler!

Other Fixes

  • The announcement on level entry now shows its auto-close timeout, and can be dismissed with a tap of the spacebar.
  • Dialogue boxes are properly modal - no more accidentally moving because you clicked "through" the UI!
  • The "log" displays properly (and FAST) now.
  • Fixed props floating slightly above the ground.
  • Fixed vaults overwriting the level exit.

Some screenshots of the new graphics

And the improved HUD:

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Version 10 Mar 15, 2019

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