Build 14 - Linux Support, RAM reduction and More Branches

The latest build is live! It has a poorly-tested Linux build available (if you test it, please let me know how it goes), work on various branches, and a lot of under-the-hood performance improvements.


  • The "spatial db" system (used for things like "list everyone in this tile") has had an overhaul, and is much better about memory usage.
  • Placed an upper bound on the number of friendlies who follow you when you finish a level. You still get a score bonus for saving them.
  • Enabled UE4's new Animation Budgeting system, giving better frame rates under load.
  • Recompressed all animations, reducing build size.
  • The ECS memory handling has been completely redone, and is MUCH better now.

Quality of Life

  • The RPG camera mode (3D view) has had an overhaul. It correctly hides your model so you can see what you're doing, doesn't penalize you for rotating, and has fixed various bits of jankiness when steering.
  • You can now control the game volume!
  • Fixed some issues with not properly saving your configuration settings.


  • Black Heath - the Dwarven realms - are now complete.
  • A few bug-fixes in Ferny Ham (the Halfling branch).
  • Alseray (Elven branch) is 90% done now.
  • The Chine (Pirate branch) is done bar some balancing.

Funny bug fixes

  • Fire creatures are now fireproof, and won't spontaneously combust.
  • Cleave was misconfigured and repaired the equipment of your target!
  • Captain Mary Anne's codpiece will no longer fly off at random (!)
  • The big bad guy at the end of Black Heath no longer commits suicide by leaping into lava.
  • Centaurs cannot fly. They were meant to ignore some penalties for crossing water, not leap into the sky!

You Shall Not Pass!

Big bad-guy in the Dwarven Realms
The Chine
First look at The Chine - the Pirate Branch

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