Build 17 - A Completeable Game

This is a big update: you can win the game! All the major levels are in place (some still need tweaking), and all the major game systems are running. This will - unless people report major issues - be the last of the pre-alphas. Then it's on to alpha, Feedback Friday on Reddit, and continual improvement until beta/early access.

What's New

  • The status effects system has been rewritten, since it represented the slowest remaining portion of the game. It still functions similarly, but now it is fast.
  • The faction system is also now much faster.
  • Some of the dense building and farm levels were frustratingly large, leading to a lot of wandering without purpose. These levels are now smaller.
  • Netherton Gaol was missing an overworld location marker. Fixed.
  • Fixed a number of skills that weren't being applied to the target properly.
  • Fixed some resistances being applied twice; skeletons are much easier to kill as a result.
  • The Well Rested status actually does something now.
  • Accidentally rendered the dwarven fortress floor as lava - fixed. While appropriate, it isn't what I had in mind.
  • Removed the player portrait. It server no in-game value, other than slowing down rendering a lot.
  • Turned the lights back on in Netherton Manor. I'd accidentally plunged it into darkness.

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Version 4 May 17, 2019

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